57 McCorkle Ave - Rapid Car Wash of St. Albans - For Sale | www.RealCorpInc.com

57 McCorkle Ave – Rapid Car Wash of St. Albans – For Sale | www.RealCorpInc.com

Investment Highlights

  • The property is in extremely good condition
  • St. Albans, West Virginia is a progressive town that is not losing population. The property is near the downtown and accessible to all highways.
  • The property is located on a highly traveled street that has been in existence for many years

Executive Summary

This is a high end self service/two bay automatic car wash

Property Facts

About 57 McCorkle Ave , Saint Albans, WV 25177

This carwash could quite possibly be the nicest self-serve and drive through automatic car wash in the state of West Virginia and surrounding states. When it was built, it was done so using the finest materials and craftsmanship and equipment, all of which were carefully installed in a facility that was engineered from day one. This is not a simplistic drive in and hose your car off, although that can be easily accomplished. What it is is a finely tuned, extremely well-built business that will carry on for quite a long time because it was so well planned and executed. The net operating income is a very good figure which can be disclosed to persons who are seriously interested. This is not a tunnel carwash that cost well over $1 million just to build the improvements. And, one that has a number of employees. This is a carwash that can for the most part work by itself unattended but overseen by someone who could use the upstairs office for another business or simply come by periodically and check on things. The owner of the property has been the operator since it was built. He is extremely well versed in the operation of this facility and wants to do something else. He would be willing to stay on for a reasonable period of time in a transition so that the intended purchaser and their employees could get a good sense of how to run this place. While a first impression at all of the mechanization in the equipment room might cause somebody to be wary of all of this equipment, at the end of the day, it is simply equipment that runs for the most part flawlessly, but does need maintenance. If someone is interested in acquiring this really fine piece of real estate coupled with a very lucrative business, a meeting can be set up for a tour of the facility and discussion of the income and expense. In my 50 years of dealing in real estate, even having owned a carwash, it can be easily said that this might be the nicest one anywhere around. It will continue to flourish as long as it is operated correctly, and that does not take that much.


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Yeager Airport
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For Sale



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57 McCorkle Ave – Rapid Car Wash of St. Albans – For Sale | www.RealCorpInc.com